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Implants are available through our sister practice with Dr Michael Liedtke.





Dental Implants

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Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is a way of lightening the colour of teeth without physically removing any of the tooth surface.


Removal of stains caused by food and drink, can greatly improve the appearance of teeth. An appointment with Dr Eleni Mantzourani should help. Otherwise, if you are currently one of our patients, speak to your dentist about whitening options.


Whitening is not covered by the NHS, so there is a charge for this treatment. It is important that if you do have your teeth whitened, you realise that some people experience slight sensitivity of their teeth afterwards. As with all types of bleaching or colouring, the effects fade over time, so further applications may be necessary. Dietary stains and smoking will reduce the effect of the whitening more rapidly.